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1 African Bee Keeping Resource Centre (ABRC)
2 African Biodiversity Network (ABN)
3 African Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW)
4 Agricultural Community Empowernment Programme (ACEP)
5 Anglican Church of Kenya- Development Office for Social Services Eastern
6 Baraka Agricultural Training Centre
7 Benevolent Institute of Development Initiative-BIDII
8 Bio Gardening Innovations (BIOGI)
9 Building Eastern Africa Community Networks (BEACON)
10 Busia Environmental Management Program (BERMA)
11 Central Organic Farmers and Consumers Organization (COFCO)
12 CHEMADOU Self Help Group
13 Cultural Organization For Development of Embu  (CODE)
14 Community Rehabilitation and Environment Protection Program (CREPP)
15 Community Sustainable Agriculture and health Environmental Programme (CSHEP)
16 Butere Focused Women in Development (BUFWODE)
17 Consumer Information Network (CIN)
18 Daughters of Mumbi global resource centre
19 Grow Biointensive Centre Kenya (GBIACK)
20 Growth Partners Africa
21 Kenya Young Greens
22 Institute for Culture and Ecology (ICE)
23 Institute for Economic and Social Development (INADES Formation)
24 JESUIT HAKIMANI (Catholic-Justice and Peace)
25 Katoloni Mission CBO
26 Kenya National Farmers Federation (KENAFF)
27 Kenya Organic Agriculture Network (KOAN)
28 Kenya Institute of Organic Farming (KIOF)
29 Kenya Small Scale Farmers Forum (KESSFF)
30 Kitui Development Centre (KDC)
33 Laikipia Permaculture Centre
34 Manor House Agricultural Centre
35 Maendeleo Endelevu Action Program (MEAP)
36 Meru Central Herbal and Naturopathic Doctors Association (MECHANDA)
37 NGOMA Campaign (Ng’ombe & Mahindi)
38 Networking for Eco-farming in Africa (NECOFA)
39 Nzoia Grains Marketing and Processing Cooperative LTD
40 Organic Consumer Alliance (OCA)
41 Participatory Ecological Land Use Management Association (PELUM –Kenya)
43 Resource Oriented Development Initiative (RODI) Kenya
44 Rheal solutions
45 Rural Initiatives Development programme (RIDEP Kenya)
46 Rural Women Initiatives (RWI)
47 Schools and Colleges Permaculture Programme (SCOPE)
48 Seed Savers Network(SSN)
49 Siffa Integrated Fish Farm (SIFFA)
50 Slow Food Convivia Association of Kenya
51 Sustainable Agriculture Rural Initiatives (SARI)
52 Strategies For Agro-Pastoralists Development (SAPAD)
53 Subukia CBHC
54 Subukia  CBO
55 Sustainable Agriculture Community Development Program (SACDEP Kenya)
56 Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development(SARDKenya )
57 Sustainable Mobilization of Agricultural Resource Technologies (SMART Initiatives)
58 Trans community organization (TRANSCOM)
59 Ugunja Community Resource Centre
60 YAWEZEKANA Community Based Organization
61 Youth Action for Rural Development (YARD)