Advocacy and networking

Advocacy and networking

The basic human rights are necessary for humans to lead a dignified life. At BIBA Kenya, we are the watchdogs over government policies and legislations that infringe on the basic human rights. We advocate for the preservation of human dignity by ensuring policies and legislations have the interests of the people at heart.

BIBA Kenya aims at ensuring effective Information sharing, knowledge management and public understanding of Genetically Modified Organisms through its members, partners social media and online platforms. This programme champions for promotion of safe food production to feed the growing population through agroecological farming techniques, awareness creation upscaling of alternatives to agricultural practices, sustainable use of natural resources, influencing policies for the interest of small holder farmers, consumers and the public at large in the fields of food safety to enhance food and seed sovereignty.

Many people / consumers in urban centers still do not know what GMOs are and the implications of lifting the ban on Kenya’s food system (specifically in terms of seed sovereignty and socio-economic and environmental effects). At the same time, farmers lack an understanding and hands-on experience on Integrated Pest Management and Agroecology.

BIBA Kenya continues to engage and review the legislative environment and expand the public’s understanding of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) through social media and online platforms.

BIBA-K was also a petitioner with the Route to Food Initiative (RTFI), KOAN and RODI Kenya in the parliamentary petition to withdraw toxic pesticide active ingredients with proven chronic health and negative environmental effects withdrawn from the Kenyan market.In 2020, The Health committee tabled their report on the public petition and made the following recommendations among others;

  1. a)  Three State agencies; Pest Control Products Board (PCPB)Ministry of Agriculture and Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBs) to conduct analysis of all pesticides in the market and ban those containing cancer-causing ingredients.
  2. b) That within 90 days of tabling this report, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries through the Pest Control Product Board to immediately establish the regulations on distribution and retailing of pesticides to ensure that only licensed and registered persons operate agro-vets’ outlets in the country,


The areas of concern are;


  1. Promotion of Agroecology
  2. Anti – GMO advocacy and awareness creation
  3. Campaign against Toxic Agricultural inputs