To be a healthy nation safeguarding its biodiversity for community justice and sustainable livelihoods


Empowering communities in Kenya through capacity development and influencing policy geared towards biosafety and biodiversity conservation.


To ensure the public is AWARE and ALERT on issues of concern on environment, agriculture, livestock, food safety and health and biodiversity

Who we are

BIBA Kenya is a network of (Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Local Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Faith based Organizations (FBOs) and Farmer groups. Our main objective is to ensure the public is aware and alert on issues of concern on environment, agriculture, food safety, health and biodiversity

What we do





Core values

The core values listed below are the guiding principles which BIBA-Kenya has committed itself to in the
process of implementing its strategic plan in particular and delivery of services in general.

Good stewardship
Environmental Consciousness

Counties of Operation in Kenya

Counties of Operation in Kenya


Goal 1: Capacity building
Goal 2: Finance and resource mobilization.
Goal 3: Human resource.
Goal 4: Policy influencing.
Goal 5: Research, innovation and technology/emerging issues
Goal 6: Leadership and governance
Goal 7: Communication and knowledge management
Goal 8: Collaboration and partnerships

Our History

The journey of BIBA Kenya begun with the Kenya GMO Concern way back in 2002. After five years, the network felt the need to broaden its mandate from just fighting against genetic engineering to the raising concerns about other issues affecting our biodiversity.

The year 2007 saw the birth of the Kenya Biodiversity Coalition (KBioC) as a loose coalition whose main objective was broadened to ensure the public is AWARE and ALERT on issues of concern on environment, agriculture, livestock, food safety and health and biodiversity.

Apart from the campaign against genetically engineered crops, the coalition broadened its mandate to issues related to soil fertility and the folly of embracing the ‘green revolution’ push that was promoting the use of synthetic fertilizers to improve soil fertility and using food crops like maize to produce biofuels.

In 2014, the coalition saw the need for grounding of its work and established a secretariat hosted and by PELUM Kenya. Another milestone was reached in 2017 when KBioC became officially registered as the Biodiversity and Biosafety Association of Kenya signaling a new beginning.

Our Journey
  • 2017


  • 2007




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News and Updates

African Food Insecurity in Planetary Crisis

African Food Insecurity in Planetary Crisis

Our Africa Our Agriculture

The Alliance is calling for this press conference after AGRA and its donors (Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, USAID, etc…) failed to heed urgent calls to change course. Furthermore, a recent AGRA donor-commissioned evaluation has confirmed that the programs have failed to increase farmers’ yields, incomes and food security. Despite the evidence from their own evaluation, AGRA continues enriching fertilizer multinationals with record profits while hunger in Africa surges to alarming levels. International Financial Institutions, including the African Development Bank, are using the current food crisis to channel public money towards these corporations and further the adoption of chemical agriculture and monocrops in Africa. At this press conference, community leaders will explain: ● How dependency on foreign inputs harms Africa’s resilience to the climate crisis ● Why AGRA’s initiatives undermine crop/diet diversity and ecosystems ● How they now produce ecologically sound alternatives to synthetic fertilizers Speakers will include AFSA members and allies: ● Anne Maina - Biodiversity and Biosafety Association of Kenya (Moderator) ● Anuradha Mittal - Oakland Institute ● Gabriel Manyangadze - Southern African Faith Communities' Environment Institute ● Ferdinand Wafula - Bio Gardening Innovations ● Leonida Odongo - Haki Nawiri


Call to defund AGRA…



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We are committed to preserve every scrap of biodiversity through environmental conservation & sustainable agricultural techniques

We are mandated to be the stewards of the environment; take care of it as we sustainably use the natural resources available.

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